Moving forward with Northgate Logistics

The power to move / Northgate has assembled industry leading personnel to give you the best platform of logistical know-how.
Northgate Logistics is a proven and trusted rising star in the domestic and international logistics arena.

It’s the lead forwarding company in Poland with a crew of highly specialised logistics staff. Based out of Gdansk portal, the company currently sees the transport of goods in 51 countries.

Due to their experience and deep knowledge of transport rules and regulations, the Polish based company have proven to be a competent and trusted partner. Their strength comes from understanding the hard-to-navigate transport market. This is furthered with the added protection of surrounding each action with guarantees, giving contractors certainty and stability for each transaction.

They provide comprehensive services in the field of planning and implementation of cargo transport for key entities in the European and international market economies. They also have extensive experience with specialist knowledge of transport, transport law and the CMR convention regulating the transport of all types of cargo.

Northgate Logistics have gained recognition in the market of forwarding services and are now considered one of the most valuable transport solutions on the market. In June, 2021, Northgate Logistics received the Bronze Emblem for the Logistics Operator of the Year, 2020. This is a customer satisfaction survey of logistics operators that provides information about the scope and quality of logistics services offered on the market.

The judges praised Northgate Logistics as a, "Well-organized forwarding company offering comprehensive solutions for the organization of transport of road, air and sea cargo.”

“The basis of the success of this freight forwarder is extremely close communication with customers. Customers of any other company surveyed do not rate the support of the sales manager so highly and the speed of the response to the request for quotation,” they went onto say.

Despite the global pandemic, worries should be put to ease that things are starting to rebound as demand for foreign products start to increase. A statement earlier this year by the Polish Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology, said they expect a double-digit growth rate of exports of goods by December, 2021. The Ministry based its confidence on the high dynamics of industrial production and high demand for Polish products, as indicated by the PMI index.

It’s Northgate’s brand recognition, customer satisfaction and depth of experience which makes them a valuable business partner across the European continent. Combine that with a growing market, a transparent business model and one of the most comprehensive operating manuals, and you too can be on your way to owning a logistics business point under the safe and respected umbrella of Northgate Logistics.






Their starter pack includes:

  • Access to effective and developed earning techniques, identification with the brand, know-how and they include them in the service sales system.
  • They train in the field of managing a team of forwarders, techniques of effective customer acquisition and building business relationships with them,
  • They provide a package of marketing materials, such as specific advertising folders of information and branded stationary.  
  • They organize a photo session for the partner and their staff for professional visualisation.
  • They provide access to company resources on their websites of the Netgate and Northbook teams and training materials that create a complete operating manual.
  • They provide access to IT systems and tools, such as:
    • CRM (sales of services, base of subcontractors, etc.),
    • Team sites (enterprise wiki),
    • Transport exchanges,
    • CARGO insurance system,
    • Trade receivables and insurance analysis system.


A candidate for Northgate should meet the following criteria:

  • An obligation to comply with the provisions of the partnership agreement.
  • Adequate financial resources to start and maintain the business and employ the appropriate personnel.
  • Experience in running your own business.


  1. The franchisee does not have to all of their own funds up-front enter the partner system. The license fee can be spread over 36 months with a 6-month grace period for repayment.
  2. The franchisee does not have to arrange an office as they prepare it for you.
  3. The franchisee does not have to invest in office and computer equipment because they can lease it from Northgate.
  4. Partners will be required to pay an implementation fee of PLN 35,000/ EU 7,750 before training commences.
  5. After successfully completing the initial training, the partner’s license fee will be PLN 15,000/ EUR 3,350.
  6. Northgate doesn’t charge additional fees during the cooperation.
  7. 5-year licencing contract.


Award-winning team / Northgate Logistics received the Bronze Emblem for Logistics Operator of the Year, 2020.

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