Signal 88 Security – Future protection

A system of growth / Signal 88 Security is currently ranked as the 30th fastest growing franchise in the world.
The name Signal 88 Security is synonymous with safety and protection around the world.

Signal 88 Security is a franchising industry leader in the security sector. The company was founded in the United States in 2003 and provides a world-class suite of high-level security services for residential, commercial and institutional customers. The company has grown exponentially and currently has over hundreds of franchisees around the world, suggesting that security is not only in high-demand, but a modern necessity. 

The ground role of Signal 88 Security is to provide security to commercial and individual customers through the work of mobile patrols, alarm signals and the care of security officers. The company’s services are tailored to each client. The company has worked hard to build a professional trustworthy reputation, which in turn gives peace of mind to their customers.

As for the company’s franchisees, 95% percent of them are still in operation after 5 years. Furthmore, financial reports have shown that franchisees achieve USD 650,000 of annual turnover on average after the same 5 years of operation. Thus making this secutiry company a safe investment for the right candidate.

Signal 88 Security's business model aims to fill the gaps in the security industry. The network has so far focused on North America and Australia with great success, and is now on the hunt for master franchisees within Europe. Recently, the company had breakthrough in Europe, announcing their first European master franchise in the United Kingdom.  

Ashwin Antony, Director of the UK Master Franchisee said, “I was impressed by the CEO of Signal 88 Franchise Group. What he has already achieved and his vision for the potential for the service in the USA and around the world are impressive. My research confirmed that the potential market for Signal 88 is huge and that there are very few operators offering the patrol service model which is core to Signal 88’s business.”

“I was convinced of the huge potential and my colleagues and I enthusiastically decided to proceed. We have received great initial training and launch support. And, we are confident that we have a winner on our hands. We are looking forward to building Signal 88 South East regional franchise network,” Mr Antony said.


435x US.
5x Canada.
12x Australia.
1x New Zealand.
1x UK.


Operation training

Sales process training

  • Searching for new customers.
  • Developing contracts.
  • Negotiating and signing contracts.
  • Closing the sale.


  • Understanding basic services.
  • Recruitment and training of offices as well as running a career path.
  • Ear purchase.
  • Providing a high level of quality to customers
  • An innovative industry software system - 88 Edge.
  • Online training - 88 University.
  • Website-Webpunch marketing.


  • Licensing requirements.
  • Employment regulations and requirements.
  • Payroll requirements.
  • Invoicing.
  • Tax requirements.
  • Bank account.
  • Signal 88 Accounting.

Franchise development

  • Marketing activities for the franchisee.
  • Franchisee profile.
  • Software for creating territorial maps.
  • Developing marketing strategies for franchise development.
  • Verification process for franchisees.
  • "Discovery Day".
  • Creating an FDD if there is such a market demand.
  • Franchise agreement.
  • Determination of franchise and license fees.
  • Locating franchisees.
  • Staff development.

Franchise support

  • Mentoring program.
  • Benchmarking of franchise operations.
  • National programs.
  • Training programs.
  • Searching for domestic suppliers.
  • Sales reports, tables of results and employee responsibility.
  • Audit and standards of franchise operations.
  • Creating a group / forum where you can exchange experiences and increase profitability.
  • Organisational structure.

IFP training - home office

  • Access to knowledge and experience of each Signal 88 operation in the world.
  • Signal 88 logo recognition.
  • Organisational structure.
  • Scorecard for home office employees.
  • Adapting Signal 88 to the requirements of the local market.
  • Building the structure of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Conventions / Regional meetings / Thematic meetings.
  • Web page.
  • Social Media Guide.
  • Branding guide.
  • Planning success in the operation of IFP's.


  • Leadership skills to build and lead an organisation on a national scale.
  • Investment opportunities.
  • Knowledge and experience in building a brand from scratch.
  • Willingness to constantly improve and motivate the staff to build the Signal 88 brand in their country.


  • The initial fee for the master franchisee is USD 150-200,000.
  • An additional operating investment in the range of USD 50-100,000.
  • Royalty fee: 4%
  • Marketing fee: 5%
  • 3 year (renewable) term agreement

Community driven / Signal 88 is an ethical company which gives back to many local charities and NFP organisations such as Healing4Heros.

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