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Elevating safety across borders / Exteria Market's reach extends across several European countries, operating through a network of over 60 stores
Workplace safety and fire protection are crucial aspects of operating within companies. What is the Exteria Market franchise specialized in?

Workplace Safety (BOZP) and Fire Protection (PO) are essential aspects of workplace management aimed at ensuring the well-being of employees and the protection of assets. Workplace Safety and Fire Protection (PO) involves implementing measures to prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses. This encompasses various protocols, such as providing safety equipment, conducting risk assessments, and offering employee training programs. Fire Protection, on the other hand, focuses on minimizing the risk of fire hazards and ensuring swift and effective responses in case of emergencies. This includes installing fire detection and suppression systems, establishing evacuation procedures, and conducting regular fire drills. The business of Exteria Market revolves around providing comprehensive solutions in these areas, offering products, services, and expertise to help businesses meet regulatory requirements and create safer work environments.

Company background

Exteria Market is a franchising company operating in the fields of occupational health and safety and fire protection, with operations in Czech Republic and Slovakia and plans for further expansion throughout Europe.

Founded in 2011, Exteria Market has established itself as a provider of safety solutions, specializing in Workplace Safety (BOZP) and Fire Protection (PO). Over the past decade, it has expanded its reach, serving a clientele of over 4,700 businesses. The company aims to enhance safety practices in workplaces, with a focus on the well-being of businesses and their employees.

Strategic path to prosperity

By choosing the franchise, entrepreneurs gain access to a turnkey solution supported by a business formula. Essential qualifications, including business acumen and a customer-centric approach, are paramount for franchisees. With an emphasis on storefront location and minimal investment requirements, franchisees can achieve accessibility and success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Competitive edge in safety solutions

Becoming an Exteria Market franchisee grants access to the established brand and proven business methods, along with licensing rights. Strategic location requirements ensure accessibility for clients seeking safety solutions. Exteria Market's competitive advantage, with pricing strategies aimed at attracting clients, distinguishes it in the market. Since its inception, the company has solidified its presence with successful franchise branches, offering a business concept backed by industry experience.

Franchisees of Exteria Market will be responsible for implementing and delivering the company's safety solutions to their clientele. This includes actively engaging with businesses to assess their occupational health and safety needs, recommending appropriate products and services, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Franchisees will also be tasked with managing their storefront locations effectively, including staffing, inventory management, and customer service. Additionally, they will play a crucial role in promoting the Exteria Market brand within their local communities and fostering long-term relationships with clients to ensure satisfaction and retention.

Low-cost franchise model

Exteria Market offers a franchise opportunity with potential returns. With an initial investment of 320,000 CZK, entrepreneurs can expect a return on investment within 12 months. The franchise model is designed to meet clients' legal obligations for Workplace Safety (BHP) and Fire Protection (PO), allowing franchisees to focus on building a sustainable venture.

About Exteria Market

The initial investment:  320,000 CZK (150,000 CZK - operational manuals and 170,000 CZK - equipment and facilities) with a return of up to 12 months. 


Fulfilling legal standards / The franchise caters to discerning clients seeking Workplace Safety (BHP) and Fire Protection (PO) as a legal obligation

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