Carer-Centric approach / Visiting Angels believe that to truly be successful and change the future of social care in the UK, they must put their carers at the heart of the business. For without them, there is no business.
Visiting Angels makes owning your own business in the high-demand home healthcare industry easy.

It will come as no shock that the care sector is a growing market. Increased life expectancy, better living conditions and pharmaceutical advancements mean people are living far longer than they used to. The Office for National Statistics in the UK has outlined that by 2024, more than 20% of the British population will be aged 65 years and over. In the next 10 years the UK is looking at almost 2.5 million people over the age of 85. Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by Hanbury Strategy found that almost one third of people in the UK said they are less likely to put relatives in care homes. Therefore, the scope for business growth in the home care market is one that should spark interest. 

Whilst it’s good news our loved ones are living longer, age related issues haven’t ceased. Mix in social realities such as the rising retirement age and families not always living in the same region, and it’s clear what significant roles home carers play now, and increasingly more so, into the future.

Visiting Angels have been providing quality home care for over 20 years. The company was founded in 1998 by Larry Meigs, a franchising expert who wanted to make a change in the care industry. Applying his broad business knowledge and franchise know-how, he launched the very first Visiting Angels office in Havertown, Philadelphia, USA. Larry still acts as the Chief Executive of Visiting Angels worldwide and plays an active role in the business.

Visiting Angels now have over 600 franchisees operating in five countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the UK. The company proudly supports over 15,000 clients and provide work to almost 16,000 caregivers worldwide. Their global network enables best practice sharing, constant innovation and peer-to-peer support. The Visiting Angels brand first came to the UK in 2017, under the expert leadership of Dan Archer, who launched the first UK office in October 2017. That same office, based in Sheffield, then went on to win 'Best International Franchise' in under 12 months and was shortlisted for the Great British Care Awards in 2018 and 2019.

The Visiting Angels franchise has achieved global success by doing things differently. They put their care workers first, with great rates of pay and work-related benefits to ensure they can achieve real work-life balance. Why? Because they believe only happy, loyal carers who feel truly valued can provide quality home care to their clients. Many home care franchise operations say they put their carers at the heart of their business - very few actually do it.

Visiting Angels is the top home care franchise in the USA. The care provider’s model directly addresses the problems in the market and empowers its caregivers, clients and franchisees to reap the benefits for years to come, providing an outstanding care service.

Visiting Angels believes that, by treating its carers well, they are empowered to deliver an exceptional service with genuine care. Carer recruitment and retention is an issue for UK companies. However, with 20 years’ experience, Visiting Angels knows how to attract the right people and, most importantly, keep them. Its staff turnover rate is already almost half the national average. This is done by offering:

• Starting rates of pay £10p/h
• Paying caregivers mileage and holiday pay (even during training)
• Enrolling all caregivers in a company pension scheme
• Loyalty bonus for length of service
• Guaranteed pay increases each year
• Paying for caregiver’s car to be serviced once a year and valeted every six months
• Providing a company mobile phone
• Organising team events and social days for carers

Visiting Angels Franchisee, Lynn James, worked in health and social care – starting her career as a nurse and working her way up to launching and running her own care franchise in 2020. Whilst working as General Manager for the UK’s largest Home Instead care franchise, Lynn had ideas of her own about how true quality care could be delivered. Then she discovered in-home care franchise Visiting Angels, giving her the option to spread her wings in her own care business in North Surrey.

I suspect a lot of people thought I was mad to launch a care business in the middle of a pandemic. The reality of it is that it just highlighted the important role that caregivers play in communities across the UK,” said Lynn.

After six months, we had signed 10 clients and were comfortably delivering over 350 hours of care a month. I had set myself a goal of offering 25 recruitment opportunities within the first year of my business – halfway through, I had 15 carers and two office team members. Once we’ve hit a year milestone, I’m confident that all targets will be exceeded."

The future of the business is looking extremely positive. It sounds corny, but I’m constantly looking forward to meeting the next client and providing them and their loved ones the support I know will make such a difference to their lives. That’s what really puts a smile on my face,” she said.


Visiting Angels have 635 franchisees operating in 5 countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • South Korea
  • UK


  • Pre-launch support: prior to launching your business, our expert team will guide you through essential set-up tasks like your CQC registration, locating suitable premises and recruiting your Registered Manager. Generating interest for your service through marketing and networking will be a top priority at this stage too.
  • 12-week jump-start programme: upon launch, this 12-week intensive programme helps you get off to the best possible start.
  • Business support programme: we pledge to support you from day one, but most importantly, we’ll continue to support you for the life of your business.


You don’t need a background in health or social care and you don’t need to have run your own business before. They offer one-to-one pre-launch support followed by a 12-week jump-start programme with a Franchise Developer. However, certain skills and experiences are preferred.  


  • Franchise fee: £24,995 + VAT
  • Working capital required: £50,000
  • Liquid capital required: £30,000
  • Minimum total investment: £80,000
  • Managment service fee: 4.5% of net profits
  • National marketing fund: 1.5% of net profits 
  • Six-figure turnover by the end of year one
  • £1million turnover in year three
  • Net operating profit of between 15% and 20%. 

In safe hands / Visiting Angels agencies conduct the most comprehensive background screenings to ensure that caregivers meet or exceed the company's high standards. Companion care, Alzheimer's care, dementia care, palliative care, and other programs making Visiting Angels a safe choice.

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