Budapest Franchise Expo 2024

Diversity of the industry / The franchisor's task is to present a concept that best suits the needs of the franchisees
Secure success at Budapest Franchise Expo on April 4th 2024. Explore dynamic opportunities, network with industry leaders.

The Budapest Franchise Expo, scheduled for April 4th in udapest, aims to secure its position as the foremost franchise event in Hungary for 2024. The expo is set to attract individuals actively involved in franchising, as well as those aspiring to explore this dynamic business model. Attendees can anticipate a diverse audience, ranging from industry insiders to individuals with a general interest in entrepreneurship. 

Positioning itself as a pivotal gathering in the franchising landscape, the Budapest Franchise Expo promises unparalleled opportunities for networking and insights into the evolving dynamics of franchising in Hungary. The event will be a nexus for industry professionals, potential franchisees, and those eager to delve into the world of entrepreneurship.

Empowering entrepreneurship

Their target demographic encompasses individuals with an interest in franchising and the desire to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. The participants expected to grace the event's diverse landscape span from novice small investors, venturing into franchising for the first time, to established large franchisors seeking to expand their business portfolios. The overarching goal is to facilitate each exhibitor in finding their ideal business partner. To achieve this, the event's marketing strategy is deliberately crafted to address a broad spectrum of interests among the attendees.

In addition to the exhibition, the expo is slated to host an educational conference dedicated to enlightening visitors about the intricacies of franchising. Renowned industry figures, including franchisors, franchisees, and independent analysts, will be extended invitations to share their insights through presentations. This strategic initiative is poised to not only enhance the educational aspect of the event but also to potentially bolster overall attendance.

The trade show has devised an expansive marketing strategy meticulously crafted to engage and capture the attention of potential franchisees. This approach involves the orchestration of PR campaigns and strategic initiatives on various social media platforms. Significantly, the scope of communication transcends the confines of the event itself, as the organizers aspire to disseminate knowledge about franchising in a broader context. Content marketing initiatives are employed to shed light not only on the event but also on the participating brands.

Furthermore, the organizers extend additional services to exhibitors, aiming to facilitate their entry into the Hungarian market. These services encompass personalized marketing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company. This includes the translation of promotional materials, the development of lead-generating campaigns, and proactive engagement with potential leads through in-person meetings or phone interactions. These targeted campaigns are typically executed in the months leading up to the expo, spanning a duration of 1-2 months. The objective is to generate a substantial pool of promising leads, allowing franchisors the opportunity to engage personally with these prospects during the expo.

Unveiling the power of franchise expo

As the anticipation for the Budapest Franchise Expo 2024 builds, it's essential to recognize the profound impact that franchise expos can have on businesses seeking expansion, both nationally and internationally. Tamas Milla, International Coordinator at and Dakexpo Franchise Consultancy, sheds light on the significance of these events.  According to Tamas Milla - „franchise expos are the greatest way to expand in an international market. Mainly due to two reasons, the first is the personalized meeting opportunity, as it is much easier to introduce a brand in-person than through online ads or calls. The other would be the pull-marketing approach. At an expo you can meet with people, who want to start their own business and who believe in franchising - as opposed to pushing your ads onto disinterested parties. These are engaged candidates, where the franchisor's only job is to show them the concept that best fits their needs. This can also be the downside of the expos, as the potential leads meet with 30-40 different brands, so you need to be better and more decisive than others. That's why I think a franchise expo is a great, but not the only tool for a successful expansion. Our extra service for the franchisors helps in this, as we can create recruiting campaigns before and after the expo as well to reinforce their recruitment efforts. We can contact the leads and run ads in Hungarian to build a stronger market presence and help to expand much more easily”.

Visitors can freely preregister till march 15 on the website -

About Budapest Franchise Expo

  • The event will take place on April 4, 2024.
  • Around 40 exhibitors
  • It will be in an event hall of a large shopping mall in the center of Budapest

Diversity of the industry / There will be about 30-40 different brands at the fair.

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