The future of fitness

The fitness revolution / F45’s popular training method, together with its highly systemized business model has seen this fitness phenomenon explode across the globe.
F45 is a revolutionary fitness concept that is changing lives across the world.

The company is one of the world’s fastest growing fitness franchises, incorporating the top fitness trends from HIIT, group fitness and cutting-edge technology. Their training methods aim to be fun, fast, safe for all people and fitness levels, which are scientifically proven to deliver results. But they don’t transfer bodies – their franchise model can transform your life. By opening a F45 fitness centre you can turn your passion for health into a rewarding profession.   

Based in Austin, Texas, F45 (or Functional 45) started with a single unit in Sydney, Australia in 2013. The company has exploded to have 1,555 studios and 2,801 franchises across 63 countries. Their ultimate goal is to have more than 23,000 studios in Australia/Oceania, North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africia.

The concept is designed for people of all fitness levels and is frequented by those starting out on their fitness journey, as well as elite athletes. F45 offers 16 different customized training systems with over 2,000 exercises and workouts that change every day. According to the company, 75% of the company’s members are female and 25% are male, with the general age demographic ranging from 25 to 42 years old.

In July last year, F45 CEO, Adam Gilchrist, floated the company on the New York Stock Exchange and made £250,000 overnight. F45 was valued at $US1.4 billion after it was put up for $US325 million in its initial public offering on the New York Stock exchange. Trading as FXLV, shares have been fairly steady given the global economic climate.

Gilchrist said during the launch that F45 prides itself on providing a judgement free zone. Adding that their studios are considered “sanctuaries” for members – with no mirrors and no scales. The average F45 studio has 175 members while the company’s break-even point – when total revenue equals total expenses – is 75 members, he said.

“We are a premium product where they pay anywhere up to $3,000 a year,” Gilchrist said, adding that the company’s monthly retention rate is in the “low single digits.”

“We’re trying to create communities and community for us is actually even more important than the actual workout,” Gilchrist said. “We want people to have a third place to go. Obviously, they have home, work, and F45 is that spot where... it’s a sanctuary for people to turn up, and just have a fun 45 minutes of the day.”

The company is also famously backed by Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg. He took interest in the company in 2018 after attending a class. He then requested a minority stake in the company. Upon promoting the F45’s stock market launch last year, Wahlberg said, die-hard fitness enthusiasts often get bored of doing the same old routines.

“You want to be in there with the energy of people working out with you, alongside you, inspiring you, pushing you and supporting you,” Wahlberg said. Adding that, “The energy is absolutely incredible.”


  • 16 customised training systems
  • Timing modules
  • Exercise dongles
  • Online nutrition portal
  • Client CRM
  • Training apps
  • Video workouts
  • F45-branded DJ playlists and radio channel
  • Internal intranet


  • Over 1,555 studios and 2,801 franchises across 63 countries.


  • Commercial real estate of 170 square meters (or 1830 square feet) required to operate a studio


  • Liquid capital required: £120,000 or access to investors or partners
  • Franchise fee: £50,000

Famously investing / Mark Wahlberg saw a 200% return on investment from his F45 Training IPO.